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Why Mainz Brady Group

We’ll Build You a Better IT Workforce.

Here’s what we know about your IT workforce: It has the potential to be a source of innovation, operational excellence and competitive advantage for your organization.

Here’s what we know about IT staffing: It isn’t just about placements—it’s about partnership. Understanding your business, your goals, your culture and your long-term direction, so that we can make moves on your behalf with razor-sharp precision.

Here are a few more insights that define and inform our approach:

Quality means nothing without speed.


We deliver exceptional candidates within 48 hours of a request being submitted. Addressing client requirements with the specificity and performance discipline of the most sophisticated contingent workforce management programs, we put real muscle into what we do. That means that every candidate is thoroughly screened and interviewed in person for technical skills, professionalism, interpersonal communication, team orientation and adaptability to new environments.

Internet sourcing isn’t the only game in town.


We enjoy an extensive network across the IT workforce in every single one of our core markets. With over a decade of nurtured contacts, our clients get their choice of the best talent—including fresh, new candidates not active in the local job market.

At the end of the day, it takes a personal touch.


Clients and candidates know our names and our faces because they see us regularly. We never make a placement without first ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of both client and candidate requirements. This includes work environment, culture, business priorities and expectations for the IT workforce. We check in often, maintaining personal contact and continuity without impinging on already tight schedules. This ensures immediate needs are continually satisfied, while we stay abreast of emerging issues for your IT workforce.

Put these insights to work to build the IT workforce you deserve. Contact us today.


“I have worked with some of the folks from Mainz Brady Group for several years. They are experts in finding the right candidate for the job. They get to know your business. They are efficient and effective in responding to your needs.”

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