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About Us

Mainz Brady Group is an IT staffing firm, serving California, Oregon, and Washington. As the pyramid in our logo reflects, building strong relationships is the foundation of what we do—and the reason clients and candidates choose to partner with us. Here are a few other things we have built our reputation on:

We focus on the West Coast.


Our concentration on select IT markets on the West Coast gives us boutique knowledge of the local culture, networks, and talent pools. We are aligned with the people we serve, and our placement reflects it.

We know everyone.


Our deep roots and vast network not only connect us to the most talented professionals in the active and passive labor pools, but also to the best positions.

We are fast.


Our recruiting process has no patience for unnecessary detours. We quickly and efficiently identify the best IT talent to support our clients’ projects and move them toward success on their terms.

We’ve been around the block.


Mainz Brady Group was founded more than a decade ago on the belief that there is more to recruiting than pitching resumes. Our relationship-based approach probes beneath surface facts for the insights into client goals and candidate aspirations that make spot-on matches possible.

Get our speed, connections and strong work ethic to work for you. Contact Mainz Brady Group today.

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“I love working with Mainz Brady Group. They truly are a solid recruiting resource to my technical groups.”

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