Staffing Solutions for Manufacturing and Electronics

Hire contract, contract-to-direct or direct hire talent for your electronics staffing needs.

Electronics account for a large portion of consumer spending. Making electronics that consumers want to buy not only drives our economy, but more importantly, drives your business.

Electronics excellence hinges on stellar precision and adherence to systematic quality processes.

The IT staffing support we provide to our clients in the electronics industry follows suit with premier contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire placements in the following areas:

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The number of college graduates in engineering disciplines keeps declining.

Meanwhile, the number of engineering jobs in the market continues to grow. This shortage of labor can cause real business issues if you don’t know how to get to this talent pool. MBG is located near every prime engineering marketplace the world has to offer from Silicon Valley to the Silicon Forest. We have decades worth of relationships with electronics talent and can find the right people for your openings.

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Happy designer drawing blueprint on computer using pen tablet

MBG understands the importance of the electronics talent.

Multiple companies have relied on MBG to find them the right engineering and electronics talent. In fact, at some point in time our consultants probably had a part in making the keyboard and mouse you’re using!