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Client Testimonials

Testimonials of our Services.

Don’t take our word for it—read our clients’ testimonials about working with Mainz Brady Group.

B.M., VP, Wind River Systems; Alameda, CA

"Mainz Brady Group is a first-rate recruiting agency that I consider a strategic partner whose creative solutions allow me to maximize my recruiting budget, without sacrificing candidate quality."

D.L., Manager, Innopath; San Jose, CA

“Account management from Mainz Brady Group is superb! They are on my first-to-call list whenever I have a need to outsource my recruiting efforts!”

T.S., Manager, E*Trade; Menlo Park, CA

"Professionalism, prompt service, understanding business needs and presenting thoroughly qualified candidates are key words or phrases that come to mind when I think about my experience working with Mainz Brady Group."

S.S., Director, Webex; San Jose, CA

“I have worked with Mainz Brady Group at two of my companies now. They are my first call and have never let me down. Mainz Brady Group always provides the best quality in a variety of areas for my company.”

B.M., Vice President, Mercury Interactive; Mt. View, CA

“Mainz Brady Group is the first and only call I make when I need candidates, whether for my contract or direct hire needs. I always feel like customer service is their first priority when working with me and my team.”

M.B., Manager, Verisign; Mt. View, CA

“I have worked with some of the folks from Mainz Brady Group for several years. They are experts in finding the right candidate for the job. They get to know your business. They are efficient and effective in responding to your needs.”

T.S., President, The Strickland Group; Sunnyvale, CA

“I have personally called upon them for staffing services both for direct and contract hires, and I have referred their services to clients and candidates, which have consistently resulted in successful feedback. Successful recruitment firms listen, understand and execute. Mainz Brady Group does all three.”

L.W., Technical Lead, Unicru; Beaverton, OR

“Mainz Brady Group, during the time I was on the contract, kept in contact with both sides to make sure the contract was going smoothly. The folks at Mainz Brady Group are great; this is the third time I have had a great contract with his company, starting in 1994. If I were looking for work right now they're who I'd call first.”

J.B., Manager, Peoplesoft; Pleasanton, CA

“I love working with Mainz Brady Group. They truly are a solid recruiting resource to my technical groups.”

M.W., Manager, Unicru; Beaverton, OR

“Through the years, Mainz Brady Group has been a strategic partner for Unicru. With a deep understanding of the company, the people, the business and technologies, they have been able to identify who will be most successful in our fast-paced and evolving environment. Additionally, Mainz Brady Group has contributed significantly to building awareness about why Unicru is an employer of choice. By developing and applying complementary business practices, we have very efficiently partnered to find and select the very best.”

J.B., Manager, E*Trade; Menlo Park, CA

“I have never met a company that has as much experience as Mainz Brady Group and it shows every time I work with them. They truly understand our environment and find the people that would work best in our company.”

C.C., Project Manager, Sapient; Oakland, CA

"I trust Mainz Brady Group to provide the perfect candidate for any request I give them!"

C.C., Director, Tripwire; Portland, OR

“We are so impressed with the folks at Mainz Brady Group and their ability to identify and present qualified candidates, and most importantly, not waste our time. They understand who we are, how we work and what we need. In my experience, they are a rarity in the industry.”

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“I love working with Mainz Brady Group. They truly are a solid recruiting resource to my technical groups.”

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